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  • WiseGamer27 -

    Ive played this game for more than a year and gold users have only been a big problem once in the games ive played and even in that game the dude was nice and we had a good fight to the end. What you can do is join an alliance and do a game there where people dont use gold or you could get a group of players together like yourself to play a good game without gold. Many don't like gold in the game so they should be easy to find.

  • Bohemianation -

    Also how do you submit to the forum cant find a icon to do it

    and for making coalitions would it be so hard to just add a button for people to join

    and it would be nice if there was a way I could send out a notice to my entire coalition at the same time instead having to send out 4 seperate messages

  • Bohemianation -

    Game 2047370, have paid for intel to show opponents troops but they keep disappearing and land units shifting to sea please fix

    So im in Africa when I pan over to see the states all the land disappears except for the units, so your unable to check out the intel THAT I HAVE "PAID" FOR

  • Bohemianation -

    Rogue forces

    Would someone PLEASE respond.
    In game 1993399 I have 4 cities that have rogue forces at 100 each, plus other territories with rogue action. I didnt see this much resistance when I first attacked. This rogue faction is really spoiling the game. My economy is good and shouldn't be a factor so what other factors are there that make this happen

  • Bohemianation -

    Im in a game where there rogue state has 4 - 20 strength units in one city, I didnt face this when I first attacked. I beleive this needs to be modified again its ruining the game

  • Bohemianation -

    why does it take so long for morale to improve, my economy is strong