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  • The Destroyer 4 -

    Thank you :)

  • Iron Rooster -

    This is where the game ended

  • bobqz -

    You would need to ask this question on the "Questions and Answers" on the Forum . You will get lots of response from players that know. I am really new and I don't know much. :)

  • 69Latryque -

    Bonjour !

    Je ne parviens pas à trouver les statistiques de dommages des missiles balistiques chimiques et nucléaires, je ne parviens à voir que les statistiques des missiles avec des ogives conventionnelles. Savez-vous où est-ce que je peux trouver cette information svp ? (J'ai regardé dans les recrutements et la recherche les points d'informations, mais les statistiques ne s'affichent qu'en conventionnel et non en chimique et nucléaire)

    Bien cordialement

    • 69Latryque -

      In english ;)


      I can't find the damage statistics for chemical and nuclear ballistic missiles, I can only see the statistics for missiles with conventional warheads. Do you know where I can find this information please? (I have looked in the recruitment and research information points, but the statistics are only displayed in conventional and not in chemical and nuclear)

      Best regards

  • bobqz -

    is it a crime against humanity to attack a city with cruise missiles that does not contain a military unit or anything that supports the conflict ?