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  • Generalen0112 -

    Hello. Im new and dont know where to write.
    I have a problem, in my game nr 4,097,008 my unit is stuck. I cant move it at all. The units name is 1st Anti-air division and it is placed in tver in russia.
    It seems that the unit think its out in the water but there in no port at the river. Its in important unit in the game and im on my way to win so i really need that unit.
    Can you help me out?

  • Per71 -

    Hello, I need some help with a map, 2.945.613. I am trying to handle The Chosen but they just keep pouring in, I have killed tons but there is just no end. Is this really how it´s meant to be?

  • Jackson -

    Hello, how do I change nickname in game?

  • COVBOY -

    hello, may I ask you a question please