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    What do I do if a person is being EXTREMELY Racist in chat?

  • Vikmmmmmm -

    I deleted my account mistakenly. Can i get it back?

  • ww3Basadi -

    In he same coalition can an aaly get on other ally aircraft carrier

  • dinozaurisillum -

    My question is, why do the units themselves lose health? Without any fight, but about from the fact that they move somewhere

    • jemandanderes -

      I think you should make a thread for that, she is a retired staff and also seems to currently not be active here.

  • spaksu -

    Please help
    A moment ago I can't login my account. it keeps sayin that "Invalid username or password." When I use forgot password it says :" A user with this email has not been found." But user "spaksu" 's mail address was: [email protected]


    hello i'm rank 30 and i have a nickname user38288 i cant change my nickname for 250 gold writes an authenticity error? what to do i don't want to open a new account

  • Brooklyn Babe -

    hey, would love it if you commented on…nts-not-a-woman-anywhere/

  • Vlad042020 -

    Hello, Everyone, I can't enter to play my games, is there any problem?

  • Amon20000 -

    I tried to buy the $50 gold pack and it will not let me get it. There is money on my card, but will not let me have gold.

  • SoullessKnight -

    Hi I'am bought the membership for play with my brother. But i can't do it. I can't use whitelisting option please help me.

  • diverpop -

    Map number 2650523
    Please check this player ( ZELWOOD ) playing by SPAIN he is cheater when we attack some of us do not lose his troops even though my forces are higher than him in development

  • AndyT74 -

    I read the code of conduct and saw the part about being harassed for using gold. This was done against me on Game #2569580 in an article on the news feed on Day 10. Could you please look into this?

  • DENIS57RUS -

    Сегодня столкнулся с такой проблемой, что не могу зайти в свои игры. Последняя активность была сегодня ночью. 2 дня еще не прошло. В чем вообще проблема и куда мне с этим обращаться и кто может помочь? Требует обновить страницу, так как в игре новые изменения, но ничего не обновляет и ничего не работает. А то что я неактивен сейчас, время то идет!!! Срочно помогите!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:​​

  • snow71 -

    how can i contact you in private?

  • Psy Dare Dare -

    Good day
    I have a question for you
    Will there ever be Macedonia or the Republic of Macedonia in the slot of the game?
    Malta is the smallest country for my country, and there Malta are also in the game.

  • AlexIgryla -

    First. question about question! (lol)
    Hi! I have a question. So..I just made reg in forum novigateed to question link
    ( and sorry me – did not find any place to write my question. So.. using all power of my pity brain I click on the name of coordinator and tushes! - I find the place! But... is it right one?

    So my second ??
    who knows
    1--by what play time hours a unit may be healed in a city 1 hp? The city has no hospital.
    2--It may depend if the city in smoke and can be rebel?
    Or same said that a unit must stay 24hrs after it enter city.
    Other said that game time for this healing is 0hrs 0min 1sec

  • StormLegion828 -

    Hey, finaly got a chance to let someone know what happened. Been gone for almost a week now and I do appoligiese. But as you are aware, my laptop has been giving me issuses since new years. Currently the laptop has crashed on me again and not reconizing windows. Not sure when I will fully be back. Hope y'all understand. Working hard to resolve this issue ASAP!

  • wrp523 -

    Ummmm...looks like I'm an idiot. I cannot find where to set up an account to buy gold. Can you point me to the right door, please? I did go to SHOP. All that is there are 2 empty black boxes with gold bars across the top. One reads RATES and other PAYMENT METHOD. That's it.

  • LancelLannister -

    Hello Madame,
    I've been talking lately with Game Operator Van Der Kaczy. He told me I would be a good chat moderator. That talk encouraged me to write an application.

    Who am I and why I'd like to become a chat moderator:

    I am 18 years old, my name is Michał, I am male. I am a student and this year I'm taking my matura exam on which I'll test my advanced Polish, English, geography and history skills. All of these would be very helpful while being a part of the 'Conflict of Nations' crew. Since two years, I take part in the national competitions from geography. Last year, I took a second place in the stage of the 3 voivodships. I liked the game from the start, because it contains a lot of geography and it requires a lot of political skills. It reminds me of a game that I used to play a lot when I was younger – 'Europa Universalis', but I can say the 'Conflict of Nations' is definitely better. I'm an active player and I find pleasure in explaining the game mechanics for everyone who asks for some advice on the chat. I care abaut new players and I'd like to encourage them to beeing more active.

    If you have any other questions you can write me on Skype (name: Lancel_Lannister 99 ) or here. I hope you will consider my application positively.
    Best Regards,

  • thedeiriousfaze -

    hey, i saw the post for you guys needing more staff, i would love to help by being apart of the staff. i'm active in the morning (usually around 7:30-8:10) and the afternoon (4:30-whenever i decide to go to bed) i also work very well in teams.

    • Aeblemost -

      If you're interested in becomming staff, i would like to talk with you in private. I'll send you a message

  • Nick819 -

    My friends and I were in a game and got a message saying that our accounts are locked for multi account usage and should contact someone. Where do I do that? We weren’t using multiple accounts, we’re just using School WiFi.

  • Algarfer -

    Hola, estoy pensando que es muy necesaria una modificación en la Cola De Construcción, algo que permita agilizar la forma de ordenar los recursos, cuando llevas una partida ya de varios días, sueles tener ya una cola bastante extensa, si quieres crear unidades nuevas o adelantar posiciones de edificios, que se hayan quedado muy atrás y ahora necesites que se adelanten, es una labor muy tediosa el tener que ir puesto por puesto y bajando desde la primera posición hasta donde se encuentre el objetivo en cuestión. Pienso que es necesario, el poder seleccionar el objetivo que nos interese y marcarle directamente a la posición que lo queremos llevar, eso agilizaría notablemente el proceso, eso o cualquier otra fórmula que mejore la existente, que como digo, es bastante lenta y laboriosa. Espero que esta recomendación se tome muy en cuenta y se actúe en consecuencia rápidamente, no tiene que ser tan difícil el poder modificar el sistema de ordenación de la Cola de Construcción. Muchas gracias y reciban un cordial saludo de Algarfer.

  • Cuban Forces -

    Hello there, i'm having a problem with will_michael and Will_Michael32 he is the same person and he is using two accounts on the game that i'm playing "New Soviet Union" he is attacking me from two different countries and he even told me that i find that cheating and unfair i would like to know if you could help me solve this issue

    • Aeblemost -

      I will gladly try to help, but can you please give me the game ID, and submit a report on the user?

  • LIEKgames30 -

    hola me gusta postularme para lo del amdin si quiere hablar agregueme a skype como LKSgames

    • Aeblemost -

      Le diré al administrador principal español sobre usted. Él puede decidir qué hacer. Yo no hablo español.

  • Algarfer -

    Hola, me gustaría hacer una pregunta a ver si alguien me puede ayudar. Estoy jugando en el escenario 2020 y estoy en guerra con EEUU, me quedan sólo por conquistar las provincias de o que sería Alaska, incluso ya he conquistado Hawai, pero en el Panel de Diplomacia me aparecen que me quedan 8 provincias por conquistar, y yo por más que cuento, en la zona de Alaska, sólo me salen 6. alguien me podría decir, donde se encuentran las otras 2? Muchas gracias y recibir un cordial saludo de Algarfer.


    When I wrote this, the problem was solved. I entered the game but I can not enter again the same problem meek or mail does not come what do I do. I am a real player. The game I always play with money

    user name : NAMIK KEMAL

    • Aeblemost -

      You were banned for not following our rules, and not responding to our warnings. Please check your email, and respond to the message we sent you. if you cannot find it, please contact Dr. Leipreachan here on the forums.


      I checked that you did not receive me a message in the mail or game

      I am at war right now and I am a loser because of this situation. My friends in the alliance are having problems and have not come in the message. Why am i always having problems

    • Aeblemost -

      Okay. You were banned from the game, because you broke our rules. We gave you a warning to clear up any mistakes before we banned you. You did not respond.
      I understand that you have not received our email, that then means that the email you registered with is wrong. I have therefor asked you to contact me in private, so that we can clear up any mistakes that could have been made.

      I cannot unban you from the forums. I cannot correct your emil from the forums.

      I am sorry if the mistake is on our part, but until you contact me, nothing will change.


      The mail is correct. Whenever I get very simple paid gold gold, the mail comes every time. If so, it would not come to me by e-mail, but I will answer to you whatever mail comes to me. I spent 1000 Euros on this game. I've been playing since the date when mail and everything went right

  • senihleahcim -

    Hey, can't find a good place to post this, but we think that a or several accounts have been hacked in game # 2077384 maybe take a look?

    • Aeblemost -

      This issue was reported, and a staff member replied.
      There was found nothing suggesting hacking.

  • fenwick8219 -

    Game 2069143, inappropriate name.

  • merda111 -

    Hello I would like to know why I am banned, I try to enter my account through facebook and will not let me in, I gave him to forget my password and he told me that he was banned, please reply me as fast as possible.

    • Aeblemost -

      it's been a while since you wrote. Is this still an issue, or did someone else help you?

      If it still doesn't work, i need your username, as we have no con users with merda111 as the registered username.

  • Antony N -

    I have the same problem as Die imperatore.
    I really need to ask some questions about desert warfare amongst other things.

    Many thanks for any help/advice to get started here in the forums :)

    • Aeblemost -

      So sorry to be answering this late.
      It's been a while since this was posted, so i need to know if it still doesn't work