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  • Grandpa AL -

    I started using them as to not lose out on them, in the future, like all the elites. BM's of course, but that is it.
    I use regular bombers for airport attacks. Cheaper to stack and stack you have to. lately I find disproportionate level of hit points rec'd vs. what I was able to inflict, and this is not only to the bombers.
    Unsupported infantry has gotten stronger it seems.
    I may hang it up soon though, game is going to shit, with all the mobile players leaving so early,
    it is no fun w/ half the board abandoned.

  • Rozne Eltobliv -

    Hello. How are your games going on?

  • MicahWill -

    Whattup Swede!

  • MILKkMAN -