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, Reading thread well every war .. people think they are the good guys. But history judges

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  • Kalrakh -

    If you are interested in playing a game together, hit me up in Discord: Kalrakh#7296

    • KFGauss -

      Thanks K - The offer is definitely tempting, but I have to resist that temptation for a while longer - I'm in the middle of a big project at work, and I can't afford being distracted every couple of hours (especially when I should be getting a good night's sleep) to peek at a CON screen.

      If I had a Discord account, I would give you my ID, but I haven't created on yet. Folks tell me I need one, but I've been lazy so far.

      When work gets lees hectic - I'll check in to see what you're doing then.

    • Kalrakh -

      No worries, RL goes always first and CON won't run away that quickly :D

    • Opulon -

      OOOhhh, taking on a padawan, Master Kalrakh ? (name sounds very Starwarsish :D )

    • Kalrakh -

      More like somebody else might be thinking about it, but is afraid of the sunlight :D

    • KFGauss -

      Just call me Anakin Vadar