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  • BlacK9nZ -

    Prince of "honor" is a coward that has no honor nor real justice values. Such bad team community "leader" not doing his job correctly by allowing racism and insults of players in the discord channel and ban the ones that don't do such thing. KYS cowards, fat discord mod

  • Klad -

    Hello my phone broke and got another but can't login to my account it just creates a new one
    Pls help fast before I loose all my progress user89371540

  • General SMG -

    Hello yes I am having issues with my account after being harrased by 2 of your moderators Gen V and Rex. Please help. I have fled complaints and discrminaton and harassment persist. My chat feature, security council functions, bug report, and support are not working. Now. I am clearly being ignored and want some accountability and help...

  • Dodgetrex -

    Why does it seem like over half of the moderators on the English forum have not logged in since 2020? What's going on here?

  • KyloAli -

    Can i recover an account? I think it was deleted

  • Mixalispit -

    I know that I don't give alot of info so to be trustworthy if we could have a private chat in disc i could give more information so to know if i lost my acc for good or not

  • Mixalispit -

    Hello and sorry to bother you
    Before i think three days it log me out without getting permission
    My main acc name was Cpt Michaels
    I have lost my main acc in conflicts of nations and i tried logging in and it didn't let so i tried to change my code but the email i put in was wrong it had an i and mine has h so I can't get back my acc without asking help
    Plz reply

  • San arta -

    How can I use chat in the game

  • cruncher10 -

    Hi Prince of Honor. I have an issue,I can only play the game on my laptop but when i try to play the game on my iphone It says "An error occured

    Please report this error and try again by reloading this page

    Error message (please include in the report)

    Contact "

    No matter how many times I close and open / reinstall the app it gives the same error message. Someone suggested my iPhone device has been. Is there any way to resolve this? Thanks because I can't play all the time with my laptop

  • Delta Bravo 1 -

    Hello prince of Honor i did lost my account after 1 year of playing. Wanted to play the game which i was playing for 2weeks and a they let me start from level 1 again with a complete tutorial. Lost everything. Who can help me to get it back? I am a level 28 with a score 12265 #124631. Start playing 20 april 2022 precise 1 year ago. I joined 22games with 5 solo wins and 16 coalition wins. I was still playing the game 7,008,409 i playing the country turkey.
    In game name is Delta Bravo 1
    My email is [email protected]

  • Tihukela -

    Wanted help to activate a deleted account if possible. I can DM in Discord. What is your username?

  • brentsla -

    Recently I visited a psychologist and realized that this would not help me. I had a lot of stress and almost depression. But I wanted to fight. I was able to find a great article about using weed and hash for stress therapy. And now I know exactly in which direction I must move in order to restore my nervous system.

  • sudo igpu -


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  • EverlastingE -

    How to unlock previous seasons elite units that was available before joining the game? I tried to unlock elite tank as advertised and have the necessary season points but unit still isn't available to unlock and yes i have security counsel.

  • Nephaliim -

    Hello! It says my account cannot be found and there isn't an account linked to my email, which i know isn't right. Any assistance is appreciated

  • tsitsipats -

    Hello, game 6889872 isn’t loading

  • cptrex5617 -

    Hello, are the servers down? I am trying to open game 6907989 but the game is not loading

  • antpro -

    when I went to purchase gold on the steam version of conflict of nations, an error came up and said "payment.error.payment.unknow". I have never had this problem before until recently. If you have any recommendations or solutions, please let me know.

  • The Pro 59 -

    I clicked forgot password, and put it in, it is still not accepting my new password, is there a certain amount of time that I have to wait for it to work?

  • The Pro 59 -

    Can you let me know what my password is? I am new to the forum.

  • Jhota5 -

    Hello friend, I would like to ask if the multi-account is allowed? I am in a game in which there is a user with two accounts who dominates almost the entire map and is dedicated to joining coalitions with their different accounts and thus knowing where to attack and deceive everyone

  • edmelza71 -

    Hello friend, I'm having trouble starting new games. I have in my file more than 50 games that I haven't accessed for a long time. Some won, others defeated and others that are still happening but I'm out now.

    When I start a new game, the system informs me that I already have many simultaneous games. Do you know how I can resolve this? Is there any way to delete the file?

  • Jsmitty7547 -

    And I I have like 4 current games I can't play now for whatever reason. Not to mention its take hours to finally even attempt to talk to someone about it

  • Jsmitty7547 -

    Help me get bak into account. Idk what is goin on but I'm gonna be furious if I wasted money just to not get in account

    • PrinceofHonor -

      Okay, have you placed a ticket? Contacted us via Discord? You can reach out to me in a conversation in this forum and I shall do my best to assist you.

  • Osirisss -

    Well, it seems CoN is quite lacking on clarifying as to why many users (incl. Myself) have been unable to join their games today.

    About 15 minutes ago (after not being able to login for about an entire day), I was able to finally load my game only to find out that I was the winner at day 34 with not enough VP points (I was in a coalition). My VP points wouldn’t be enough even for a solo win. Now, despite having won, this is incredibly unfair for others who have spent their time, energy, and perhaps even money in that round.

    It’s quite a shame as the round was going great. I have contacted your support team to report this, but a message from CoN staff would’ve have been great rather than complete radio silence, and leaving us trying to figure out what’s going on.

  • dcase63 -

    my game will not load at all, on any platform

  • Zetliner -

    Dear Priceof honor, my ability to create games is not there anymore. How can i get this back? im Premium member and rank 112.

    Best regards