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  • egget iii -


    I have been locked out of my account, but since the server is down, I cannot receive an email to get back in.

    Please help!

    My in game username is Egget III (those are three letter “i” s, and I live in Ireland.

    It would be great if I could get back in soon. Thank you for helping me!


    I got a new phone and it's not logging in as my old account, I did not register it either, is there anyway I can get my old account back? I did just recently purchased a package with my old account

  • nhoso pax -

    Hello, I no longer have the ability to purchase gold. Game ID: 6344471

  • bshiloep -

    I can’t log in to any game

  • djgsk983 -

    Are you devs on vacation? I’m waiting to get approved.

  • skinner63 -

    It's still Dre Day nígga, AK nígga
    Though I've grown a lot, can't keep it home a lot
    'Cause when I frequent the spots that I'm known to rock
    You hear the bass from the truck when I'm on the block
    Ladies they pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off
    How nígga? My last album was The Chronic (Nígga)
    They want to know if he still got it
    They say rap's changed
    They wanna know how I feel about it
    (If you ain't up on thangs)
    Dr. Dre is the name
    I'm ahead of my game
    Still puffing my leafs
    Still fuck with the beats, still not loving police
    Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease
    Still got love for the streets, reppin' 213 (For life)
    Still the beats bang, still doing my thang
    Since I left ain't too much changed, still
    I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world
    (Still) Hitting them corners in them low-lows, girl
    Still taking my time to perfect the beat
    And I still got love for the streets, it's the D-R-E

  • coetz116 -

    Can you answer a question for me?

    How can I renew my SC membership without making a separate transaction?



  • bkn2 -

    I want to play in Hungarian

  • Angelofwar1987 -

    Hi, can i please recover my account my brother has deleted it as he is an idiot . My account username is Angelofwar1987

  • uiholeps -

    Hi, my username is uiholeps, and it seems someone hacked into my game and moved my units around! Game id: 6610081

  • jdhhhhhh -

    Please help, i cannot build the emote swarm uav anymore!

  • krielginaz -

    hi i have gotten locked out of my account, but i did not multiaccounts, please investigate, my account name is kristall69

  • shieloopfie -

    When can i get registered

  • chaffie -

    my gold was at about 36,000 golds last night but when i logged in this morning they were all gone! my gold said i had zero golds :(
    please please help me get them back... plz! help me :(

  • sakkigir -

    Hi idk if you are a mod but plz help me i have been lodged out of my account and i seem to have lost my password so now I can not log back in!

    my username is sakkigir and i was rank 62

  • fabian lotta -

    Hi I am trying to buy premium currency but the transactions won't complete

  • eliid -

    Hey I was wondering if I can be unbanned it said that there was transactions and they had to ban my account and I never did any purchases

  • YuriyG -

    Привет. В игре 6462895 1 человек явно играет за 3 страны. ник jomaxman11 , jomaxman 8 , jomaxman 4 .Видно что 1 игрок на 3 страны очень хорошо-типы войск одни и те же итд . Собственно игра эта сегодня закончилась-я выиграл, но все же надо бы как то упыря этого удалить. Так то он золота получил примерно столько же.

  • Floki -

    In my game (#6527113)There is a player by name of jamal who is playing on 7 nation.,and attacking together other countries. Please take strict action against him.

  • Burnedknight -

    I need help logging into my account Was playing on mobile and had to get new phone. when I try to log in it sends me to a new account

  • edmelza71 -

    Hello friend, I'm having trouble starting new games. I have in my file more than 50 games that I haven't accessed for a long time. Some won, others defeated and others that are still happening but I'm out now.

    When I start a new game, the system informs me that I already have many simultaneous games. Do you know how I can resolve this? Is there any way to delete the file?

  • Jsmitty7547 -

    And I I have like 4 current games I can't play now for whatever reason. Not to mention its take hours to finally even attempt to talk to someone about it

  • Jsmitty7547 -

    Help me get bak into account. Idk what is goin on but I'm gonna be furious if I wasted money just to not get in account

    • PrinceofHonor -

      Okay, have you placed a ticket? Contacted us via Discord? You can reach out to me in a conversation in this forum and I shall do my best to assist you.

  • Red Snapper -

    Hi, I’m having a problem with purchasing security council (I.e. pay page not loading). Is there any way you can help?

  • Dude the Steve -

    i bought some premium currency and didn't receive it. transaction 1050441002

  • 3AMAMER -

    I can't get into any game

  • Osirisss -

    Well, it seems CoN is quite lacking on clarifying as to why many users (incl. Myself) have been unable to join their games today.

    About 15 minutes ago (after not being able to login for about an entire day), I was able to finally load my game only to find out that I was the winner at day 34 with not enough VP points (I was in a coalition). My VP points wouldn’t be enough even for a solo win. Now, despite having won, this is incredibly unfair for others who have spent their time, energy, and perhaps even money in that round.

    It’s quite a shame as the round was going great. I have contacted your support team to report this, but a message from CoN staff would’ve have been great rather than complete radio silence, and leaving us trying to figure out what’s going on.

  • dcase63 -

    my game will not load at all, on any platform

  • Anta130 -

    Hi there! I have been banned although I didn't break any rules so I would like to understand first and find a solution for the money I spent in the game I can't use anymore. Thanks. ps Anta130 in game

  • CrustyMcnasty -