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  • Dsoto1391 -

    Hola, necesito de su ayuda. Soy activo y me gusta el juego

  • Bigman Tingz -

    I recently created an alliance and we are 3 members now. We are eager to learn more about the game and have fun in the process. How do we grow to be a great alliance and when and how can we start playing the challenge games? The name of our alliance is Uprising (U.R.S). Thank you

  • MasterofNone -

    Yo, there..?

  • allies244 -

    i would love to play a match against you

  • lordgaben1 -

    How exactly would I find you ingame, or is your fourm id the same as the game one?

  • andyd6541 -

    Hey guys what gives with the Maps, Where did they go???

  • PeaceKeeper -

    I'm unable to get in or make a statement on the forums.

    • Cyclone46 -

      Ah now i realize who you are.
      They hand inspect each new forum account to prevent Chinese hackers from invading the forum again.
      Also, we can not join the new challenge match or the last one due to some sort of problem they are having with the game.
      Keep trying to join the new match periodically.

  • PBY Blackburn -

    hey cyclone Im The last legion clan and I can not enter the game :( what should I do?

    • Cyclone46 -

      I put a reply in the wrong place i guess... Anyhow, we are all stuck. The other alliance seems to be able to get in. But none of ours can that we are aware of.

    • JPaps40 -

      i am also unable to connect in my game (it goes to the loading screen but doesnt start up after loading)

  • Antony N -


    Sorry to trouble you, but is there something special rquired to be able to post in threads here?

    I and a number of others cannot. Mentioned it to the developers, but no reply.

    Any help would be most welcome. :)

    • Medic9021 -

      Glad I am not the only one with this issue!

    • Cyclone46 -

      I remember reading something about them hand admitting forum accounts instead of doing it automatically. We were invaded by Chinese hackers a few weeks ago. There is probably a back log for them to check you out. Messaging people who seems to be over the forum would be helpful I'd imagine. If you can find a way to do that.

    • Antony N -

      Ahh, well that's more than anyone else has told me. Thank you. I can understand the caution - Chinese hack everywhere :(

      The game seems to be beset with bugs. One thing then another. right now no graphics for Advanced infantry; along with the resources never keeping pace with developments