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  • deudji -

    excusez moi j ai perdu mon profil que dois je faire ?

  • ChapPl4ys -

    My recommendation is 2 MBT + 2 AFV + 2 Special Forces + 2 Mech. Inf. + 2 Naval Inf.
    This is why:

    1. 2 tanks gives you good armor protection because it does nice damage against armor, also it has many HP to accompanying your stack

    2. Armored vehicles are ANTI-INFATRY vehicles, so it does also decent damage against infantry, also it is armor for HP

    3. Special Forces is my better recon vehicle, it can reveal stealth, can fight well in rough area's where most units can't fight well, this will make your stack better in rough area's, especially when you use tanks

    4. Mech Inf. helps your tanks fight better against armor, it can also conquer territories

    5. Naval infantry is very good at attacking cities, 50% buff in cities. This comes in handy because your stack mostly attack and you let your defense to your Mot. Inf. Also Naval infantry gives your stack a better ANTI infantry