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  • KyloAli -

    I think i reseted my account by accident. Is there a way to retrieve it

  • Flak123 -

    The server state won’t connect in game 6910328

  • deudji -

    je souhaite ....

  • deudji -

    je souhaiterai retrouver mon profil disparu ce matin comment faire ?

  • deudji -

    je souhaiterai retrouver mon profil disparu aujourd hui

  • Tracert123 -

    I wish that naval forces had the ability to defend themselves when the player is offline. Since you don't get a notification I have lost several fleets due to not being online to order my ships to attack. Even cruisers and destroyers have been lost to frigates and corvettes even though they have greater range they didn't fight back. Thus can get really annoying as I am not able to be online for up to a day at a time due to sports and work.


    CONFLICT OF NATIONS IDEAS LIST FROM PLAYERS Players can choose to be rouge state Players can deploy sea mines and anti boat systems Players can make there own flag Nuke silos Border walls you can add to your nation for better defenses You can name your nation into an empire New game modes like a gamemode for the ww2 are ww1 Better and newer units like a super sonic nuke are a laser system to shoot down any plane Allowed to send special ops to a capital Allowed for a person to add a fort in the city To make your own nation for certain game modes Sandbox game mode to get infinity of anything gamemode and allowed to attack players in the game mode

  • ATLBuford22 -

    Hi , I’m currently in game #6794946 - player profile name playing as India ( Gay4greens ) is using racial slurs and nicknames in chat towards me.

  • The Destroyer 6 -


  • hawk64 -

    how come I did lose my main game ranking?
    I've had a ranking more than 100 and now I was degraded down to Rekrute rank 1!!!

    Please explain - I also lost my whole statistics


    Hi. I have few idea about game - where i can send letter ?

  • nikkisavi -

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  • robrod -

    Something going wrong after last patch - I do not see traveling routes of troops on mobile phone.

  • AONN -

    Hi, I accidentally deleted my account, can you reactivate it for me? Nickname Aonn

  • cro_mudae_bts -

    BROWSE - Croatian anime gifts, mudae, MEGA MAN action, video games, BTS concert tix, Iingerie, at

  • krielginaz -

    hi i have gotten locked out of my account, but i did not multiaccounts, please investigate, my account name is kristall69

  • shieloopfie -

    When can i get registered

  • lorie -

    Fuck you bitch.

  • vimanas -

    ​hi, i seen your profile specially marked, im not sure if your a mod, or have any authority, but could you possibly look into a game im playing,

    we have someone making extreme progress, (not legitimate gains) i dm him being very nice, and curiously ask how much he spent on gold, and he replies he uses hacks,

    he was level 1 and now level 9 since the start of this game,

    can you verify if this player is using legitimate means of gold purchasing, or find out if he is abusing referal link's with bots, or something, for free unhonest gold etc, because what he said in dms was very suspicious, like blatant, said he was hacking,

    he deleted all messages on his end, but i am hopping and assuming mods can still see those in some sort of log,

    not saying any names here in public due to naming and shaming rules, but dm me back for details if needed

  • German4th -

    I may have my own answer. It may have not been agents that attacked. Someone may have used gold to decrease my morales down to zero. It doesn't make any sense but if they did, they used 31,000 gold just against me, and they attacked several nations. If you still want to check the game and let me know for sure, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  • German4th -

    Hello Maxim, I think a game server I'm on has been hacked. I'm on day 4 now on game 6110318. On day 3 I got hit by 62 agents at once. All of my homeland city morales dropped to zero percent. Whoever did it would have had to have at least 620k cash just for my cities alone. My coalition members were also hit. I thought the maximum agents against one city per day was 3. My cities were hit by at least 6. Could you please check on this for me. I love the game and love the different strategies involved but this is not fair play. Please let me know what happened. Thanks .

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Maxim could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • BalloonLoki146 -

    I’m trying to get let it confirm my email so I can see the chat but it won’t send me one

  • Generalrahmibg -

    The mobile game is down with a 502 gateway error!

  • Veksito -

    Hi, I can't enter the game for more than 24 hours
    I guess it's because of the latest update
    if you can help so i can start playing
    username is Veksito

  • 123ARES -

    I left for the Easter holidays for a week and when I return I can't access my games. Moreover, I can't even start new games. If I access support it gives me a 404 not found error.
    Joys, 123ARES

  • Kenshi -

    Hello my ingame name is Naxsi and I want to change it to DeGoat

  • joeny forever -

    please i need a response and assistance with my account getting banned
    ive sent all the requested proof, and i havent gotten any response
    my user name is joeny forever

  • FroggieJonnie -

    I can't figure out how to make a thread, but I just have a simple question. I see that my friends can watch videos to earn gold, but I can't. Why is that?

  • Gen.Thomas70 -

    Can you do alliance challenges on mobile devices?