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  • Drsemievil -

    In game 4373537, I am seeing multiple people with the same picture as profile pics for multiple users.... and these are personal pics, not like a generic picture of Darth Vader or some cartoon pic these are real people pics for multiple countries.

  • tinkertiger -

    tried uninstall/reinstall. Still cannot access game since patch update. Goes to user page, i click play, and then loading forever and no game.
    please fix.

  • Gamervad07 -

    I cannot enter the game (on my phone) after updating, I receive notifications but I have an eternal loading and the game logo is on the screen, what should I do?

  • Col_Anubis -

    Can you help change user name?

  • Shadow6-5 -

    Can I be allowed to post?

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • williamdice -

    Hello, how do I get my account registration approved please?

  • KFGauss -

    Aquela - Is there a thread that describes what a Community Manager is/does? Is there a public list of them? If there is would you please give me a link or some search words I can use to find it - I just did a couple of searches and came up empty - Thanks in advance - KFG

  • ELMentzer -

    Ok i just sent you an email about a cheater in one of my games. In the same game, a different player took one of my cities early on and never moved out of it, i know something fishy was going on there but i wasn't watching like the one in the email. I know at one point the guy that took DC from me had only two troops left, i sent a full stack of 4 infantry (2 mech and 2 normal), then a single normal infantry and then 2 more, back to back within about 3 hours of each other, and he held the city. I didn't notice bunkers (actually I'll go back after posting this and check that) but i even sent strike fighters after that too and infantry after that and he still has the city. I'm going to get their names. I want their IP addresses banned from this game (I'll watch till the end of the game for more solid proof and I'll take screen shots from here on t too).

  • Smart-48ru -

    Привет. Игра rising tides. Я не могу зайти с Iphone уже 2й день. Грузится переписка и все текстовые панели. Но карта показывается черным цветом. Может мне объяснить кто нибудь, что это?

  • med1116 -

    gameID=4034352 player Me ValeVerga havent been able to get into game for a day, can you help?

  • AEyRon -

    Bonjour, quand je me connecte à ma partie l'écran est noir mais je peux toujours construire rechercher et former des troupes. Ma partie est elle perdue ou existe t il une solution ?

  • Ahmad.Dlshad -

    Hello, I logged in using Facebook but it automatically changed my username to user8622540 can it be changed to Ahmad.Dlshad please! thanks.

  • Darth vader 1 -


  • Gryph68 -

    Hello, Please tell me how I can change my username in the game... And please do not say say report a bug. Because that function does not work in the game.

    • Aquela -

      Hi there!
      Okay, not gonna make you submit a bug report :D Message me in DM with your current username, I'll change it for you ;)

  • A_Gamin_Bear -

    I am also sending a DM for a username change (like a conversation?)

  • Dodgetrex -

    i sent you a DM about a username change

  • FatBaGstard -

    Who do I talk to for a name change on my User Account?

  • Iron Rooster -

    Iron Rooster was here