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  • KFGauss -

    You often seem to understand the parts of Dorado that the public doesn't get to see. Do you know if the forum admins are able to identify duplicate/alt forum accounts?

    • Opulon -

      As far as i can see, there is no feature like that on this forum. It's a very old school forum, technical-wise

  • Flat Stanley -

    You havent been as active lately, you still around?

    • Opulon -

      sorry for the late answer. Yes, since February my online leisure activities have been reduced, while it's easier to find me on discord. The reason holds in 3 words "Ukraine Civilian Effort"

  • Vikmmmmmm -

    I deleted my account for some reason but the next day i started playing again. But i forgot to cancel deletation of my account. I spend approximately 12000 INR in it.
    Can i get my account back?

  • chucky8787 -

    HI can you direct me where I can get help for my issue? My issue is I want to buy someone from my alliance a year subscription to CON but have no idea how to go about doing that. I would prefer to pay with my credit card.



  • david roro -

    bonjours j ais un mal fou pour recruter dans mon alliance y as t il un truc

  • ProutMaster -

    Bonjour, je suis navré que vous ayez choisit de ne pas me répondre. Le minimum de la politesse lorsqu'on est pas mal élevé, c'est de répondre aux personnes qui prennent le temps de vous écrire. Merci.

  • KFGauss -

    I think you were joking when you wrote that I might suck the fun out of CoN, but just in case you weren't making a joke, do you think creating an AA simulation (and an econony simulation later) is a mistake?

  • ProutMaster -

    Bonjour je suis lancé dans une partie depuis 15 jours et, je ne peux plus m' y connecter (5,503,810) depuis plusieures heures. Est-ce habituel que ce gene de soucis surviennent? Merci.

  • NavyVet -

    Hi Navy vet here I can speak English German, Persian and I understand Russian karasho. I would LOVE to be on the staff! I filled out the application and have been waiting for several years now could you possibly help me on being the support staff?

  • See-Kay -

    Hi Opulon, sorry to bother you but I saw you online, clicked your name and finally saw an option to actually type something on this forum. Could you please advise on how to actually post on here? Or, to save time, would you know why I cannot decontaminate a nuked city? I occupy the city, but when selected the message on screen is “city contaminated” but there is not option to actually decontaminate, which I have done in other games. There’s an ‘I’ button which says production halted until city is decontaminated but there is no option anywhere to actually decontaminate. It’s a flashpoint Europe game that is 51 days old. Sorry to go on, but I fear this will be the only time I will be able to post anything here, so I wanted to get as much information across as possible. Thank you in advance for any advice given, it will be greatly appreciated :)

  • GeneralLangmoen -

    Hi Opulon. As you might see, Im a pretty big bot. So, I wondered if you could teach me. I completely understand it if you dont have time, but could you then atleast do me the honor to answer. Thank you.

    PS: Discord: SunnyChristmas

  • AudreyHepburn12 -

    Bonjour mon ami

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • acethegoddess -

    Idk how to make a ticket but i need helppp lol

  • Nevsky -

    Bonjour Opulon

  • Najib5771 -

    Bonjour Opulon je doit attendre environ combien de temp pour la partie RP?

  • SapphireWoof -

    hey i remember you i asked you a few questions on discord but you didn't respond it was so sad XD

  • Iron Rooster -

    If you're staff then why aren't you listed under the "Staff Members" tab?

    • Opulon -

      A good question. Maybe i'm a fraud ?

      Or maybe i forgot to do a presentation. Who knows :D

    • The Ewac -

      You got frauded by Iron Rooster. Who is actually the michael guy.

  • PakiTheNoob -

    yooo ur that guy

  • 737373elj -

    If The Great Enemy had ICBMs, then doubtless Middle Earth would have been a conquered and irradiated wasteland many countless aeons ago

  • the witcher -

    bonjour, j'ai joué au conflit des nations il y a quelques mois et je suis tombé sur une impasse ... j'ai besoin de conseils! il se trouve que je joue avec l'Allemagne et j'ai une coalition avec l'Autriche, l'espagne et plus récemment l'inde (nous l'avons mis pour voir si J'ai ajouté des chiffres) L'Egypte a servi la moitié de l'Afrique avec le Cameroun ... et il est plus expérimenté ... il a attaqué et pris l'Italie qui me borde, depuis que j'ai pris la France ... Je joue sur serveur 4x et nous sommes le 17 , ne pouvez-vous pas me donner des conseils sur la façon dont je peux vaincre l'Egypte?

  • The Ewac -

    Bonjour Opulon...
    I clicked on your website link at the bottom of the "about me" tab on your account.
    I got a french message saying that "Page not found"...
    I'd really love to visit your website.
    Could you please fix the link? Merci!

  • aman -

    Anyone who can help me recover my account... i forgot my password and the game is not sending me new one ... how can i fix it

  • aman -

    Anyone who can help me recover my account... i forgot my password and the game is not sending me new one ... how can i fix it

  • SomDi -

    Whom should I ask my problem regarding the problem ?

    • Opulon -

      Probably the guy related to the problem, regarding the problem tied to the problem you want to ask for.

    • SomDi -

      I'm sorry . I wanted to write "Problem related to the forum " but mistakenly wrote "Problem related To problem" .

    • SomDi -

      I'm unable to create a thread on phone . I can't find the button to do so .

    • sundance175 -

      sounds like you need to talk to the italian mafia

    • jemandanderes -

      "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"

  • MicahWill -

    May I say, I have become quite a fan of many of your posts lately (particularly the longer, more thought out ones). You must have plenty of time on your hands or you are the real Elrond typing up strategic wisdom for our enlightenment lol. Keep up the good work!

    • Opulon -

      Haha, thank you. Well, with the Covid, i sure had more time on my hands, but i always took a lot of time around here. About Elrond, it's mostly for the example i would wish to follow :p

  • 575-Kranzegrad -

    ELITE Seasons 5 unit post it's fixed and finished, but you posted too earlier, i meanwhile research aircraft vs all units target, and i finded it.

    Elite unit post it's ready now.

  • Sir McSquiggles -

    Miss me yet?

  • geetansh2 -

    i was falsely kicked out of my game 3286137 i am geetansh2 and i was Italy in that game me and my friend were playing together and would sometimes play on the same laptop but once we got our first strike we has stopped doing that as we learned it was not allowed but the next time i logged in i was kicked out of the game i would really appreciate if u can look in to this it would mean a lot it would mean so much if u can do this as fast as possible