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  • Geraschenko -

    Hello. I want to ask you. We have one Wi Fi at work for the entire office, how can we play together on the same card and not get a ban on the game?

  • 69Latryque -

    Bonjour !

    Je ne parviens pas à trouver les statistiques de dommages des missiles balistiques chimiques et nucléaires, je ne parviens à voir que les statistiques des missiles avec des ogives conventionnelles. Savez-vous où est-ce que je peux trouver cette information svp ? (J'ai regardé dans les recrutements et la recherche les points d'informations, mais les statistiques ne s'affichent qu'en conventionnel et non en chimique et nucléaire)

    In english ;)


    I can't find the damage statistics for chemical and nuclear ballistic missiles, I can only see the statistics for missiles with conventional warheads. Do you know where I can find this information please? (I have looked in the recruitment and research information points, but the statistics are only displayed in conventional and not in chemical and nuclear)

    Best regards

  • WM72 -

    Hi, Where do I report that some is using multiply accounts

  • tails85 -

    Hi, i join an alliance,they accept it.

    But it didn't show that i join. My name in game name is tails85

    What's wrong ?

  • machine 82 -

    je me suis enregistré et maintenant je doit me log in je sais pas ou ,pour pouvoir cliqué sur create thread que je trouve pas pfffff
    quelqu'un peut m'aidé pliz ?

  • machine 82 -


  • Bathan69 -

    Est-ce à vous qu'il faut s'adresser pour faire une réclamation sur un joueur utilisant sans doute un mod spécial ? Pouvez-vus vérifier la partie 2674908 et le joueur FelixKhan jouant le Mozambique. Plusieurs de mes unités ont disparues sans que je reçoive de rapport de combat...Etrange. Pas d'explication de sa part....

  • ChrisOrLC -

    I'm not sure why but the discord link won't work for me, Can you send me a new one please?

  • ross222 -

    howdy opulon i posted a bug report in the bug report section on player when you could get the time to read this it would be great

  • huflungpoo -

    my game wont load!! its been laggy all day, then it was requiring a reload for every action, now it wont work at all, I coined this game, and am rather miffed about the whole thing, please fix and restore my units that will die from not being able to play during critical battle. game ID=2553471

    *update* it is now loading ok, but there is major issues. I made an in-game report, It is not only myself, my entire coalition is also having the problems. One thing is that during battles, trying to launch a cruise missile requires reloading the game. The radio button fails to respond after being in game a few minutes. This is effecting everything from queing buildings, troops, and giving movement commands. Reloading the game is also a problem. Writing this here instead of on an in-game ticket was prompted due to a 20 minute failure to reload. I am getting beat up in my game because I cannot get strike fighters to the target area and launch missiles on target without reloading the game for 20 min. 20 real time minutes on a 4x server is a not cool at all man,

  • Maximilianvs -

    hey, can you help me with the forum? why i can't write at the forum? thanks

  • Dr. Leipreachan -

    Hiho Mr. Opulon, guess who :o

  • Samuel PM -

    Hello, I would like to open an Internal Game for my Alliance on the 64-player map. It would be possible? Thank you.

  • Huthayfah.k -

    How can i contact Germanico i wish to ask him something about a new language

  • JCS Darragh -

    Hey Opulon, Could you take a look at this? forum.conflictnations.com/inde…d/&postID=20218#post20218 I need help!

  • Antony N -

    Please tell me, how do I report a player cheating, other than reporting form the game page?

  • manuelrapa -

    Hello ! This is a great game really but have what more to add like in supremacy as example trade between especially guys. I want to share whats happening in one of my maps
    2195778 !! In this map Pakistan - Edward Asiminei just for seconds made 5 level recruiting office 5 level air base 5 level army base and arms industry for many times and from nothing made ICBMs and use super many nuclear missiles and nukes on lands and units like doesnt have limit and full of any stealths... Please look at this map and him does he cheat somehow ?

  • Quintrixxx -

    Hi Developers! First of all thank you for the great game – I love it! I have no idea what happened overnight but GAME 2189488 is broken. I lost all researches, game does not recognize any building levels and I cannot mobilize any army units etc… I play for Japan my in game name is Quintrixxx. I would very appreciate if you could fix it. We are in the day 37, I am leader of coalition and we have active wars. Also, can you please accept me in the forum as I cannot create any topics… Thank you in advance.

  • theRoyalDingus -

    Is it possible for multiple coalitions to win together?

    • Opulon -

      Nope. Any additional coalition is cattle, planned from the beginning to be exterminated once it served it role as battle slave. One coalition only can win.

    • Liqter -

      Dual coalitions can effectively keep everyone else out of the top 10 slots , it isn't about both "winning".I see dual coalitions as an exploit , the intent of 5vs the rest is clearly violated. Try taking land with penalty of at war with 10 nations stacked on you.

  • Zethra -

    Hi Opulon, I can find no where on the forum to make a post or respond to any. What am I missing? Thank you I have a game that quit loading 24 hours ago, and I'd like to make general comments as well.

    • Zethra -

      Well, I finally managed to start the game in Firefox, instead of Chrome. I'm still trying to find a way to post on the forum.

    • Yak -

      @Zethra we need to accept you into the forum before you are able to post, this is to combat spam bots. Welcome.

    • Zethra -

      Thank you for the reply

  • Leon.Ferrero -

    you continues LIVE?

  • Liqter -

    "Anyway, if you encounter this kind of Day 6 ICBM-launcher... nobody will judge you if you just choose to archive the game."
    Since you would rather encourage players to quit than address the issues i will do just that. Have a nice game.

  • fjDarwin -

    Hi, I don't know if i'm writing the right person, but I can't find a help option for this game.
    I'm a security council member, and I'm trying to create a game, but when I go to the page, I only get the option to create a Europe 1990 map, and what I want to do is create a full world map.
    Do you know what I can do about this?

  • KORWU -

    Hi ... My account has been banned , my username is KORWU . I am the leader of aliance Wataha Swaroga . I did not have the reason for my cancellation ... I have only one account .

  • rarh1 -

    tell me who can check the player on multiboxing? Russian server game number 2123718 Russia and Mexico are the same player

  • BravoCompany -

    When did the building not be able to be destroyed in map. If your in the air especially air fighters. You should be able to destroy air base or land in a different air base if the city you came from is being attacked. Why would I land in an air base that is being attacked.

    • Opulon -

      Fighters already rebase when the airport is destroyed. Now, with the feature of the 80%HP airport, maybe they should indeed rebase automatically

    • BravoCompany -

      Im saying I cannot destroy and Airbase when it is being attacked so I can rebase instead of landing in at the Airbase that is being attacked or I should be able to land at a different airbase instead because Air units cannot defend themselves on the ground.

  • Chucklingamer -

    hey when i create a game no more option for world war 2020 wtf???

  • Algarfer -

    Hola, estoy pensando que es muy necesaria una modificación en la Cola De Construcción, algo que permita agilizar la forma de ordenar los recursos, cuando llevas una partida ya de varios días, sueles tener ya una cola bastante extensa, si quieres crear unidades nuevas o adelantar posiciones de edificios, que se hayan quedado muy atrás y ahora necesites que se adelanten, es una labor muy tediosa el tener que ir puesto por puesto y bajando desde la primera posición hasta donde se encuentre el objetivo en cuestión. Pienso que es necesario, el poder seleccionar el objetivo que nos interese y marcarle directamente a la posición que lo queremos llevar, eso agilizaría notablemente el proceso, eso o cualquier otra fórmula que mejore la existente, que como digo, es bastante lenta y laboriosa. Espero que esta recomendación se tome muy en cuenta y se actúe en consecuencia rápidamente, no tiene que ser tan difícil el poder modificar el sistema de ordenación de la Cola de Construcción. Muchas gracias y reciban un cordial saludo de Algarfer.

  • Ruinwalker44 -

    Sure....More feed back...You have to add additional buildings to your citys before you can produce higher units... Hence...More resources ...EVERYTHING is gauged to have people purchase more coins if you are even to have a chance. Playing 4 games under new rules and it suck! Just basically you are going to have vast armies of Infanrty..Good job on Creating a fancy version of RISK!!!

    • Opulon -

      Before, infantries were not produced at all. Now, they may be produced in vast quantities. I don't think the problem is "having large amounts of infantries", but more "having problems to get varied mech units to accompany them". You will agree or disagree, of course. As for the requirements, i need to test them myself. For now, on the only game i launched with this update, i made the choice of boosting my Rare material economy, and of course, it means i have not produced that many units. Some AA (to protect myself) and some combat recon vehicles, to expand. We are day 4 only, however, and time will tell how the dynamic changes. Please consider (even if i'm not a dev :D) that the business needs to find a balance between free and paid. Forcing you to pay is actually counter productive

    • Ruinwalker44 -

      You can offer more coins and people will spend them. Say 20,000 for $2.00 let people play the platform that they like. Change the way revenue is collected. Add specials more often. people will buy if they like the game and they will spend them. But I spent 30 in the first two weeks I have played...I would buy more if I had a larger war chest to use across my games. Your going about this all wrong.. Your game was awesome, just needed tweaking...not an overhaul. Your just going to put people off your product.

    • Ruinwalker44 -

      It is a Great game

  • Ruinwalker44 -

    annex is too expensive. Do they really need money that bad, that you ruin the game. Why expand. Why attack. Bill is to big. Don't know if you are someone that I should be talking to about this but I have spent $30.00 on this game so far and i don't think I will spend anymore.

    • Opulon -

      Hi. The game is in constant change. I do agree, as a player, that annex must be tweaked some more, but experiments are just like that. The underlying thing about the new annex system is that... you don't NEED to annex. If you are very active and agressive player, you can perfectly rush without ever feeling the need to annex. You may think that "annex" is too expensive because you are used to annex anything (the game forced you to that before). And yeah, if you were forced to, it would be huuuuuuuuugely too expensive. But you are not : you can build. You can't produce military units, but this is where annexing becomes much more a choice. With some airports and military logistics you may very well play without annexing, maybe except in a remote land to have a "production point". Your choice. But really, if you think that the reality of the update is that "forced annexation has been deleted and replaced by a costly "long-term" annexation, you'll see that it just shift cost from a "you must do it" to a "you can do it".

      I advise you to play a bit with this new system, and to give feedback after one or two games. Right now, the games where you tried to annex are maybe day 4 or day 5, so... i don't think there is a case where annexing is worth it this early in the map !

      My opinion on this : actually, it's not that bad that annexation is now totally optional and really expensive (while i think they should reduce Rare material cost), but i think the production bonus should be more... "impressive", like 25 to 65%, instead of 25 to 50%. This to make the time needed to transform an annexation into a productive investment... shorter