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  • krielginaz -

    hi i have gotten locked out of my account, but i did not multiaccounts, please investigate, my account name is kristall69

  • chaffie -

    my gold was at about 36,000 golds last night but when i logged in this morning they were all gone! my gold said i had zero golds :(
    please please help me get them back... plz! help me :(

  • sakkigir -

    Hi idk if you are a mod but plz help me i have been lodged out of my account and i seem to have lost my password so now I can not log back in!

    my username is sakkigir and i was rank 62

  • 123500000 -

    hello I was banned unfairly this was because i was around my friends and we were in the same collation and i thought I had a second account and then I put my 4g on and then it connected back to the wifi and then I got banned I am really annoyed and I know this is a precautionary action but i was upset about this is my username and game id


    game id: 6523469

  • Shitsniffer -

    I currently have a troop transport ship attempting to sail from Rochester to buffalo across the land. The ship image seems to be moving but the ships map marker is at a dead standstill.

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Dr. Leipreachen could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • Toto.2wint -

    Bonjour, je vous demande votre aide parce que j'ai été ban d'une partie parce que j'étais connecté sur le partage de connexion d'un ami et lui aussi jouait au jeu savez vous comment je peux remédier à ce problème ?

  • Milermaier8 -

    Hi, It stops giving me experience points Im playing 3 server at same time and winnig and Im not getting any point stil on the same number for a week :( Can you help me please? My account Milermaier8

  • sNzzp4k1 -

    Hello, my game keeps on freezing and I cannot play it, this is the second time I have to complain about this! When will it get sorted out?

  • Kittygokillu -

    Hi I would like to said love the game but I think the f-35 should come In 3 or at least 2 types f-35 A nominal one(and the one in the game) f-35 B v.t.o.l. (vertical takeoff and land) the f-35 c is a aircraft carrier type I think a carrier based one would be a nice addition

  • Gwyndie -

    Hi everyone, I have just paid £5.49 for council membership which has come out of my bank account and it tells me that i am not a member with error -22? Then I tried rebuying 90 days and it tells me that I already own this product??? So as it stands my money has been taken for nothing. Can anyone help with this please? Many thanks

  • Wyoming-DeSelms -

    Sicklypatato1 I feel your pain. I spent a ton of money on this app. over $200 this last week and then all the sudden it told me my password and username didn't work. I tried everything to get it to work, but nothing. I started on my Ipad and then switch to my laptop. So I have no email to recover my password. I guess, but tried everyone I have. I am going to dispute it with paypal if they don't figure something out. I lost a tone of ground in my game I am sure.

  • Wyoming-DeSelms -

    How do I get help with my account ?

  • Wyoming-DeSelms -

    How do I get help with my account ?

  • Sicklypotato1 -

    I want a refund my game doesn’t even load no more and I got a the pass which does nothing at all I want I want a refund for everything don’t care if you delete the account give me back my money or I will bring this to court

  • user12429427 -

    I dont know where to write because I’m new. Can you please help me change my username

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • MAJOR117 3883 -

    I have probleme (french) je n’arrive pas a relier mon compte de mon application mobile a mon email pour que j’ai une sauvegarde de mon compte,dans l’application cela dit que mon email n’existe pas! Je vous rassure il existe belle et bien! Bug? Or error systheme? Whatever, help me please

  • Generalen0112 -

    Hello. Im new and dont know where to write.
    I have a problem, in my game nr 4,097,008 my unit is stuck. I cant move it at all. The units name is 1st Anti-air division and it is placed in tver in russia.
    Can you help me out?

  • Hanwil -

    I bought a Bunch of gold then broke my phone how do I recover my game and account

  • MrTaraki -


    I’m new to this and just started 12 days ago. Anyways I have been having issues with changing my profile name in The game. Also for so reason my email address keeps acting up. Do you think you could help me solve this matter. I want to change my profile in game to MrTaraki instead of user***… I would really appreciate it….thank you!!

  • KillaWatt2020 -

    It won’t let me log onto game 4,026,254. It’s been doing this for a day.

  • Mav86 -

    Hi, I have the black screen in place of the map. Everything seems to still work. Tried reloading game, app, updates to phone. Still have it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Abhirup -

    I am facing a black screen issue for a quiet long time....after the black screen it appears as your sesion is ended pls reload....

    And after reloading it appears as WEBGL PROBLEM


  • neonjellyshark -

    Hi, I would like to change my name from user to something else if possible.

  • BigRed -

    How would I go about changing my user name from userxxxxxxx to something else?

  • 1stinlastout -

    My map is still black. The members of my coalition cant are it either. What's going on?

  • 1stinlastout -

    My map has been black all day. I've restarted my phone and everything.

  • LoneStarRugger -

    I recently built the aircraft carrier and stationed 5 naval air superiority fighter on it. Now when I try to ferry those fighters to an air base nothing happens, they remain on the carrier. Why is this happening? I want to station my helicopters on the carrier, but can’t because it’s at max capacity. Also why is max capacity only 5?? Irl a carrier has something like 100 aircrafts on it

    • The Ewac -

      A single plane counts as a wing(10 planes.)
      Early on, carriers are not as efficient as now.

  • bobfromfrance -