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  • geetansh2 -

    i was falsely kicked out of my game 3286137 i am geetansh2 and i was Italy in that game me and my friend were playing together and would sometimes play on the same laptop but once we got our first strike we has stopped doing that as we learned it was not allowed but the next time i logged in i was kicked out of the game i would really appreciate if u can look in to this it would mean a lot it would mean so much if u can do this as fast as possible

  • Jamesaumc -

    I had the same problem as bwahaha today, I would really appreciate it if you could look into it, I submitted a bug report. Thanks.

  • Enver_Hoxha1 -

    gameID=3268606 Player RainyShade . I'am following the game very Carefull and China country leaded by this player take in all the War highest lose but continue to advance and hi not have large economy or a lot of anexed city to Explain all this...Please i need a check and thank you..

  • MartijnTNL -

    Darren please take a look in your Converstation :D

  • bwahaha -

    i do not know if i knocked on the right door.
    playing game 3224097 i inadvertently spent gold twice: buying componenets i did not nor need neither use and the second i type a keystroke and the moral of city decreased, never intended to do either.
    can it be fixed?
    thank your for any help.
    take care

  • NONNO10 -

    Hi Dr, I am searching everywhere in the forum how to complain about an unfair and offensive language used by a player, in CoN chat.
    Since I don't know how to do I write straight to you. Of course I can provide all the details like name n° and player name and conversation.
    many thanks for your return.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Hiho, you will need to file a bug report from inside the game round, in this name the players ( do not name on forum or in public), provide the day on paper and the date in diplomacy (which ever is the case or both) also state the rule you believe they have broken, If this is the chat box please send me info via forum conversation, go to my forum account and press the speech bubble (on orange bar top right)

    • NONNO10 -

      many thanks for the explanation Dr.

  • Pafufu -

    Got to say I liked your old profile pic better.

  • CHEMA555 -

    hello. this morning I bought 113,000 gold on the stock through PayPal for 13.99 EUR, the money was withdrawn and there is no gold, what to do, tell me please.

  • david67289 -

    Hello, are you free, can you help me solve the problem about account as fast as possible?

  • stef silves -

    why can't I use my gold for new reaserch, buildings and getting weapons? CoN charged it after a winning game but I am redirect to the purchase page?! Please explanations.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Hello, I am sorry but I do not understand your issue, Gold can be used in games as nromal to decrease wait times for certain upgrades, etc but it may be that your game has gold use disabled (even map perhaps), can you let me know the game id please

  • Ghostops223 -

    I purchased 9.99 for 30,000 gold and it never gave me gold. I checked my bank and it went through as purchased. It said to contact support when I was ordering the gold because there was an issue going through. How do I get my gold ? Please help.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Hello Ghostops, please open one of your games and go to the report a bug setting in the settings cog (bottom right and make a support ticket so our payment dept can handle and resolve this issue as soon as possible, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.

    • Ghostops223 -

      I have a cat 4 hurricane about to hit my town I will do the best I can to write support

    • Ghostops223 -

      When I click on the bug it just puts up an empty box ?

  • THE WALL -

    hi, I am a newbie so no idea where I go to contact support about changing my in game name. I would like it to be "THE WALL".

  • Lyrox -

    On the map 2596715 fascist symbols and racist slogans are shown in their description by the coalition. I ask that to stop.

    • Lyrox -

      Sorry, i forgot. It is Map 2596715, the coalition "FASCIOS DE COMBATE"

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Thanks for the report I will look into this for you and take action inline with our game rules.

  • MasterofNone -

    Thank You :)

  • Crang -

    in Champs match did you fix the missing points from Masterofnone ?

  • Thunder -

    My in game name is Ralph willmarth.

  • Thunder -

    How can I get my in game name changed to thunder?

  • claesrose -

    Hi in dec campionship is italy attacting a ative player me and i am germany if you wold look at it and it is just day 3 and war start day 4

  • MasterofNone -

    Hey u didn't add up my total in the championship match. I have messaged you the same.

  • Vojvoda Drasko -

    Hi,i think i have a cheater on my game. Player Name: Zeeblewitz - When i attack his troops , they magically heal them self. He is at war with all nations,just sending troop all around and taking cities like no one is defending them,.. He must be a cheater,..

  • Maximilianvs -

    hello, can you help me with the foru? Dont know why I cant write a post there.

  • GorianRay -

    Berechnungsbogen CoN world at war

    tab Einfache Berechnung mask_A
    tab erweiterte Berechnung mask_b
    tab detaillierte Berechnung mask_c


    Einfache Berechnung
    Angreifer Verteidiger
    ANG wert ANG
    DEF DEF wert
    Created by GlobalPressONLY:) a NPO of TRFdx3

    hello! saw ya advertisement on the steam-site, but the link didn´t work - I want to apply in your team - wrting an application.

  • madpoet11 -

    Hello Dr...
    I started my first 64 player game and ran into something I had yet to see. I believe it was a rogue nation, as opposed to inusrgency. I was trying to find the insurgency percentage and couldn't find it. I clicked on the morale symbol a few times and ended up blowing 2000 gold. Apparently it lowered morale in the rogue nation. I had no clue. Is there any way I can recover this gold??? It is an absolute waste! Game ID is 2485113. User name madpoet11. Please help me out with this. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thank you. I am not sure if you will just respond here? Just in case, here is my email... madpoet11@aol.com

  • Valgard1 -

    hello ... ich würde mich gern als Junior-Moderator bewerben ..habe allerdings (meist aus Speichergründen) noch kein Discord und würde erstmal nur über PM kommunizieren ..wenn dies soweit in Ordnung währe bitte eine Ingame-PM damit ich meine Bewerbung (Name, Alter, Onlinezeit) schicken kann


  • Vadul_Tharys -

    How does one go about reporting suspected cheaters. I know there are gold users but find it hard to believe someone would spend $3200 (calculation of resources and research speed ups needed to achieve maxed research, city development, and army constructions) on this game, when the person has end game research completed on day 13, it really is suspicious.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Hello, just open diplomacy and press the info button beside the player i button and press report user = fill report + send all reports are kept anonymous

  • Bacardi3007 -

    Gros bug sur la partie 2444781. J'ai une armée de 5 unités bloquée en pleine Amazonie, à côté de Manaus.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Bonjour, veuillez ouvrir les paramètres, puis cliquez sur Rapport pour obtenir l’assistance cartographique d’un opérateur de jeu :)

  • Kalrakh -

    Hello, regarding championship map I must report: I missclicked and accidenctly reduced morale of one province by 10%

  • 7MattyP -

    Just used gold by mistake in Aug champ game. Awaiting punishment

  • alfa166 -

    Hello have a problem i try to create my own game but i get only this message (error try again) some one can help me with this?

  • dirtdavies -

    I am not sure if this is where you wanted me to send you a message but I would like to ask you to please take a look at the CON JULY Championship ........ some issues about NAP's I think several players have sent you messages in the game