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  • Kalrakh -

    Hello, regarding championship map I must report: I missclicked and accidenctly reduced morale of one province by 10%

  • 7MattyP -

    Just used gold by mistake in Aug champ game. Awaiting punishment

  • alfa166 -

    Hello have a problem i try to create my own game but i get only this message (error try again) some one can help me with this?

  • dirtdavies -

    I am not sure if this is where you wanted me to send you a message but I would like to ask you to please take a look at the CON JULY Championship ........ some issues about NAP's I think several players have sent you messages in the game

  • DiplomacyIsKey -

    im new here and i have no clue how to reply to a post, but i accept the rules for the championship and my in-game name is yacine11

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      TO reply to a forum thread all you have to do is press the reply button in the forum thread there is one at top of thread and end of thread (below last post)

  • 7MattyP -

    Hi, I don't have forum privileges yet... would like join July CoNmunity Championship - I agree to rules!

  • Baron -

    *edited* figured it out. Love the game

  • cbtdoc2002 -

    Why do you want to join the support staff team?
    I believe joining the support team will help myself learn the game at a higher level than I am already at. I believe I will also be able to teach the new players the mechanics of this game. Out of all of the games, I have played online Conflict of Nations is the most fun in my opinion. This is why I have continued to stay active in its campaigns.

    Have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game?
    I have not had any support or moderation experience on the PC. I have moderated and administrated internet chat forums in the past. I have also helped my son and others with games that I have played on his mobile device. For teaching experience, I am actually teaching my daughter age five to play certain video games on the PlayStation 4 console that are at a teen to adult level. This has been the case for all five of my children.

    How well do you know the game mechanics?
    I believe I know the basics pretty well. I am still learning as most players and admins. The game requires a large amount of knowledge to be an expert. There are places on the internet that help the new player and even the advanced player gain knowledge.

    Why should you be selected?
    I believe as a player of several years I can help the player with a gaming issue quickly and professionally. If there is a question I do not know the answer to, I have absolutely no problem asking one of the admins or moderators with more experience for help.

    I will be 39 years old in May

    Which language/server do you wish to work for
    While I know bits and pieces of German, French, and Pashtun, it would be best for me to be placed in English

    Your skype name (as you will be contacted here).
    Jared Lang, my game tag is cbtdoc2002 pronounced Combat Doc 2002 lol.

    Of course, any other information that you think will help you stand out and increase our consideration of you is welcome (maybe you are a secret Taylor Swift fan 8o )!
    I am a military combat veteran and know a general structure of how military units need to be built to be successful. So far it has helped me in my campaigns. I have generally stayed away from special forces in my campaigns because I prefer conventional battles. I love this game and play it daily if at all possible. I am a graduate student so sometimes I miss a day at most without signing in. I would really enjoy seeing this game for mobile device and even on a PlayStation console format (wishful thinking).

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Thank you for replying but i need help i dont understand how to make a support ticket Via report a bug

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Did i miss out on anything that you need me to do

  • Huthayfah.k -

    What do i do now?

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Ok i wrote the information to you now is there anything else i need to tell you just send it to me

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Can you tell me what to fill in you told me to "to review your application further i need the following info from you ;"
    Can you please repond to this its been 11 days and i barely hear any thing from you

    • Dr. Leipreachan -


      When I said that to you I clearly lsited in bullet points what it was that needed some answers/furtner info on

  • Huthayfah.k -

    How do i Private Message i am new to this website i only did the DiscordApp

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Where do i contact you for the wanted ad you said contact you @Dr. Leipreachan do i do that on skype

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      hiho Just open a new forum conversation with me or send me a PM on the main con site use the thread as a template as it is all we need to know :D

  • Alat Urka -

    Your replies cannot read. I use another version of the theme and light green couldn't be seen. Fyi.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      You progb are using the old outdate version please change to the new default forum design it is much better on the eye

  • stephan87 -

    Help me please,

    My account has been banned, i can't join by facebook, days before i was kicked from a game because some player told me that i have multi account, but i'm playing with my brother at the same house. We spend a lot of money and now i can't enter by facebook to my account. I read my mail and i have not recive any mail of this situation,

    My account name is camarada_Staliin , mail hauptmann_stephan@hotmail.com

    please help me to resolve this situation.

  • LYNX -

    I press wrong button and buy resource for gold. Can I cancel this deal? please help.

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Sorry for delay, Once gold is spent it cant be cancelled you will need to make a support ticket so the Community management can help you

  • theRoyalDingus -

    Recently, the Conflict of Nations servers have been down. Apparently, it has been said that this problem has been fixed (has this been said? I think so) but this is not the case with me. I am unable to access neither the main page or the specific game (2170986. I saved a link to that specific one after some of my earlier games were deleted from "My games" for no apparent reason). Is it true that the servers are back up? If not, is there any idea how long the wait will be? And if so, and I am the only one experiencing such problems, what should I do?

  • moby1kanob -

    I used Two SCUD missiles on game 2168641 and used gold to buy them both thinking the first one was a mistake...zero damage to a group of tanks and infantry stacked in Moscow...did I do it wrong and just waste my gold or glitch? I targeted them correctly, even made sure a jet was patrolling so it constantly had a clear sight of where they were...would like that 5-6K gold back...any suggestions? PS the cruise missiles worked great...SCUD x2 both did zero damage...lot of wasted gold.

    UPDATE: tried a THIRD, and zero damage...SCUD missiles are not working. 7K in wasted gold...

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      hiho did you make a bug report? and can I have a agame number if still an issue i will pass this to the bosses too :)

  • Leon.Ferrero -

    you continues Live?

  • HaapsaluArgyrix -

    Hello there!

    I was wondering where I could get a name change. I was told in other forums (I'm from the Call of War community) that I could get my name changed if I talk to a moderator or support staff. Apparently the only moderators I can contact are really high up on the food chain.

    I personally was wondering if I could change my name from an old username (Ujiko) to my common D&D name, Haapsalu Argyrix. Should I talk to you for that, or to someone of lower rank?

    • Dr. Leipreachan -

      Hello, you will need to make a support ticket with 3 new name choices but remmeber that forum account names and game names are not linked and name cahgnes on CoN will cross to Cow too and vice-versa

  • Nick819 -

    My friends and I were in a game and got a message saying that our accounts are locked for multi account ussage. We weren’t using multiple accounts, we’re just using School WiFi

    It told me to submit a ticket and I don’t know where to do that. I’ve asked other people but no one seems to answer me. This issue happened to us earlier this year also and I thought that we had fixed it already but here the issue remains. If someone could please help us!!!!

  • Help Me -

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out with my account because for some reason it says I'm suspected of multi accounting. I play at school with a couple friends, and maybe thats the reason, but can you please make it so that we don't get banned? I wanna keep playing my games.

    Since I couldn't even read the forums, I made this new account to message a admin. My main account's profile n

  • Thirteen Spades -

    I had the same thing happer

  • DaBossofyou1 -

    Me and my friends all created separate accounts on a school WiFi and now only one of us can keep our account
    Our accounts are DaBossofyou1, D1eneral5star, Seanald1234, and hashtaghashtag9967
    All of our accounts are separate people, but we all used our schools' WiFi

  • Algarfer -

    Hola, estoy pensando que es muy necesaria una modificación en la Cola De Construcción, algo que permita agilizar la forma de ordenar los recursos, cuando llevas una partida ya de varios días, sueles tener ya una cola bastante extensa, si quieres crear unidades nuevas o adelantar posiciones de edificios, que se hayan quedado muy atrás y ahora necesites que se adelanten, es una labor muy tediosa el tener que ir puesto por puesto y bajando desde la primera posición hasta donde se encuentre el objetivo en cuestión. Pienso que es necesario, el poder seleccionar el objetivo que nos interese y marcarle directamente a la posición que lo queremos llevar, eso agilizaría notablemente el proceso, eso o cualquier otra fórmula que mejore la existente, que como digo, es bastante lenta y laboriosa. Espero que esta recomendación se tome muy en cuenta y se actúe en consecuencia rápidamente, no tiene que ser tan difícil el poder modificar el sistema de ordenación de la Cola de Construcción. Muchas gracias y reciban un cordial saludo de Algarfer.

  • Generallhicks -

    doc L all my games prior to the update have been frozen joined one today and everything works fine however i have no ability to move troops in any of the others the bug report has been filled out yak locked the forum bug report on me and nothing i do seems to be working in those games i need help fast sir

  • Cuban Forces -

    I have a problem with will_michael and Will_Michael32 he is the same person and is using to accounts on the game called New Soviet Union that i'm playing and he's attacking me from both accounts i find that cheating and unfair i want to know if there is something you can do Dr Leipreachan.

  • Oceanhawk -

    ahhh gowan there MIC, :P