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  • kurtvonstein -

    Thanks for the appreciation of my work

  • Military God -

    Hello . With all due respect i can't find a better option than to send this message (question) because it's the only place i am able to write something in the forum.i love this game so much but I am struggling to be able to share my thoughts in the forum even tho i want to do it so badly to discuss strategies with good players all over the world.i will be waiting for a reply please help me.thanks

    • japan samurai -

      Sry for late reply, I don’t really check my account wall.

      Sure , we can chat wherever you wanna about game strategies! Would Love to share and learn from each other.

  • playbabe -

    I see you spamming thread so i suggested you post questions on CoN discord. it is more suited for quick,fast,short question.