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  • from Borşa, Transylvania (TEMPORARY)
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  • Flat Stanley -

    What happened to you, you used to be so active here

  • david roro -

    je parle que le français mais sa me dérange pas que tu vienne sur mon site pour apprendre le français . part contre ne me demande pas d'apprendre tas langue car je suis français et je le revendique a part entière ce n'est pas du raciste je revendique simplement la maison française dans toute sa splendeur et sa lumière aux dehors de ces frontière.

  • Clock -

    Meh I guess toxic responder is the right word

  • KFGauss -

    Anna - Knowing what I'm going to write here might help you when you're talking to North Americans - We generally don't think of Poles or Germans Greeks or Swedes or Italians or Finns or Ukrainians or Russians or ... as "races" - We generally just think of them as Europeans. Maybe that's out of ignorance - I know there are many differences across/among those populations. Regardless, it is what it is. So, if you call someone in North America a "racist" because they insulted or praised one of those groups and not the other ones, what you are trying to say to that person will probably be misunderstood.

    • Anna Jija -

      Understood! I wasnt the first to call out people as 'racists', just saying they are 'biased'. however as i realize now I might have assumed things that aren't true about the map-makers and just got upset.

      I probably should go apologize in that thread

  • The Captain -

    Are you like a girl who pays this game? I feel like thats super rare

  • Re Nigo -

    I can’t play the game anymore. The game was working perfectly until this morning, but now i am blocked on a black screen after entering a game. I tried with another match but nothing, i also tried installing the app again but nothing. What can i do?

    • Anna Jija -

      Hi im not a dev, so I dont think I could give you a good answer. try asking one of the devs ^^

  • FreezyBCU -

    Hello i cannot go in the game it leaves me to the loading screen and buts me to lvl 1 and i just wanna play the game plz help me

    • Anna Jija -

      I am not a dev, but it seems that currently game access all depends on where you live. I was able to access the games fine in Odesa, and in my current temporary location in Transylvania.

    • FreezyBCU -

      i live in north europe

    • Anna Jija -

      hmmm, like scandinavia? if so i know someone who lives in norway and is also having trouble signing in/to games

  • Trump202486 -

    Anna jija I still haven’t figured this forum out but thanks for being nice . I will respond nicely to those who come at me with respect. Or just are nice .

    But to others I will be very negative if you come at me in a disrespectful manner .

  • Trump202486 -

    Thank you for not being mean or nasty towards me and just responding

  • KFGauss -

    What has gotten you so upset with me?

    • Anna Jija -

      bcz you keep attacking everyone about weirdass shit, and me about my playing style

    • KFGauss -

      Read again - I did not attack anyone's playing style - I disagreed with anyone who claimed to know the game developers intentions if they didn't have a direct conversation with the game developers about that subject.

      My second post that seem to really get you lit was me saying exactly that I wasn't attacking how people choose to play the game. I was instead disagreeing with people who try to tell others that they (the author) know how the game should be played.

      Cdr...42 in particular looks at some mechanisms developers put into in the game, and ignores other mechanisms put into the game by the exact same developers, and decides that the ones he likes are the obviously correct ones. That's just not how the world works.

      Me pointing that out isn't an attack on his playing style, or yours. It is a disagreement with faulty thinking about what the developers intended.

    • Anna Jija -

      thhe only time you attacked me was in the thread about being 'morally right', the other times i think it was either HMRoyal or the guy with bad english

    • KFGauss -

      Please double-check that.
      I see two separate times where I sent grumpy replies to some pretty hostile words that came from you, but I don't see any place where I attacked you.
      If when you look again, you still feel that I attacked you, it wasn't my intention.

    • Anna Jija -

      hmm... lemme check

  • Tifo_14 -

    Do you actually live in the Ukraine?