Stealth bombers and planes not attacking unless ordered to do so also more radar

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    • Stealth bombers and planes not attacking unless ordered to do so also more radar

      HI Guys,

      This is a very major issue and really needs addressing to make the game more realistic. The whole point of Stealth is just that, it should not auto bomb or fight especially when the other player has 10 sams.

      I want to be able to do a rekki over a certain area, and patrol over that, the radar is also very shocking to say the least, in fact it has got worse on the 13th of October 2019.

      A person that I am siding with, has taken Alice Springs, I sent my stealth unit over the city, I cannot even see him, and he always leaves unit's in a city.

      I have been to other cities, and in Townsville I can see Australian units, but I have been to Sydney and Brisbane and no units.

      The radar unless you are directly hovering over a unit has become very shocking.

      I am ex forces, and I done this for real, and not an arm chair general, none of the planes have sufficient radar, depending on the aircraft most of them will advanced warning on them. Yet I had two stealth's going up and down an area where I was following the lines of where my troops were going, no show of anything, so I move away to the next area, and lo and behold I am losing infantry units, because there is an enemy unit where I have patrolled.

      However, Stealth's should not auto bomb that is for sure, and really needs addressing.


    • Stealth Planes follow the rules of the non-stealth equivalent.

      Bombers bomb cities, strikers bomb units, sasfs fight planes.
      Thats what theese units are designed for.

      I recommend tha you learn how he game mechanics are working amd adapt your playstyle to it, not to fill several Forum-posts (in questionable behaviour) demanding that the whole game should be changed to fit your way of playing and understanding.
      That was not me, that was already broken!