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  • KFGauss -

    If you haven't done it yet - Take a look at the latest version of the mobile app (I know you hate it) - In the Map Settings, turn Resources on and zoom in a little (these are probably already done by default).

    I can't decide if the new resource icons look like Ring Pops, a Lucky Charms commercial, Candy Crush Bat Signals, or Mario bonus gems to be collected :)

  • Simple -

    Hello Dealer, can you tell me where i have to click "like" on your or other memes, there on "Conflict of Meme". I can not find.

    • Dealer of Death -

      ... maybe. I can only definitively tell you how on PC based view.
      If you hover your cursor on a post, 4 symbols will appear on the bottom right
      1 " - quotes the post
      2 Warning Sign - registers a warning to the Mods about objectionable content
      3 Thumbs up - this is the "Like" button
      4 Goto top - I assume, takes you to the top of the page - never used it

    • Simple -

      Thank you

    • Simple -

      One time you did helped me, maybe second time too :) I can't find reapley button , if i want to say something to someone. Actually i haven't been on forum for three years or something, because i had no time, to busy with game :) and life . CON Discord i did not used too, no time, i whent there to look two days ago, because i have read it that forum will be close.

    • Dealer of Death -

      The "reply" button is found on the bottom right of every thread page.

    • Simple -

      No, there is not. I see only one replay, when they thread are open by the player or CON moderator, but there is no for every message replay.

  • GrandtejXversl -

    Buy farm livestock (cow, pig, sheep, and more) at

  • charles96 -

    how do i report abusive language in a game?

  • resij rej -

    Please approve me

  • shenders69 -

    Hey can you help, I only had a user number account no email associated no password. How can I resolve this? No discord account. Was hoping to email a live human being.

  • brentsla -

    Recently I visited a psychologist and realized that this would not help me. I had a lot of stress and almost depression. But I wanted to fight. I was able to find a great article about using weed and hash for stress therapy. And now I know exactly in which direction I must move in order to restore my nervous system.

  • jales23 -


  • Crayola Crayons -

    Crayola Crayons are the #1 recommended brand by teachers worldwide! Order some today at

  • Judy Hopps -

    What is that train GIF supposed to be LOL

  • Red Snapper -

    Just ignore those crogaytian trolls.

  • juranovic -

    Order marten furs, starlight bangles and all things Croatia!

  • mishosgs -

    help i have been locked out from my game please get me back in

  • Tifo_14 -

    Are you on Discord?

  • Cpt_Merica -

    Halp plz. Have ben loked out of my acct 4 bing 2 gud. I cankered so much teritry i got band. Unband me plz.

    • Dealer of Death -

      I hope this a joke associated with people mistaking me for an admin. or associated with Dorado.

    • Cpt_Merica -

      Oh DoD, I thought you'd know this. Hahaha! I don't know why, but I find it pretty dang funny how many people think you are indeed associated with Dorado. I had also hoped my atrocious grammar would give me away. At any rate, you're the man, and I very much like the posts/replies I've seen from you throughout the forums. You are a CoN legend/OG in my book.

  • The Destroyer 4 -

    Scotus didn't make the decision for the abortion rights.

    It was the Supreme Court who overturned it...

    Don't do Joe like that, Don't!

    • Dealer of Death -

      The overturning wasn't Roe v Wade, the overturning was Dobbs v Jackson

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, No. 19-1392, 597 U.S. ___, is a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the court held that the Constitution of the United States does not confer a right to abortion.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      OH I have bin out witted.

      I only get out witted by DOD so it's all good.

  • Red Snapper -

    hey youre back

  • uiholeps -

    Hi, my username is uiholeps, and it seems someone hacked into my game and moved my units around! Game id: 6610081

  • querie64492 -

    Hi I am queęr and I have faced queęr phobia in the game

  • egget iii -


    I have been locked out of my account, but since the server is down, I cannot receive an email to get back in.

    Please help!

    My in game username is Egget III (those are three letter “i” s, and I live in Ireland.

    It would be great if I could get back in soon. Thank you for helping me!

  • Ivana Knoll -

    Hello, I’m Ivana Knoll, and I’m happy to tell you that you can now order my new CROKINI, part of my famous Croatia-inspired bikini and swimsuit collection made entirely in Croatia. You can also find other products, like my CROdress (regular or one-shoulder) and CROshorts for men! All the info is at my website,! Follow me on Instagram for more updates!

  • bshiloep -

    I can’t log in to any game

  • blahblahblooie -


  • WednesdayAddams -

    I'm leaving for now :(

  • skinner63 -

    It's still Dre Day nígga, AK nígga
    Though I've grown a lot, can't keep it home a lot
    'Cause when I frequent the spots that I'm known to rock
    You hear the bass from the truck when I'm on the block
    Ladies they pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off
    How nígga? My last album was The Chronic (Nígga)
    They want to know if he still got it
    They say rap's changed
    They wanna know how I feel about it
    (If you ain't up on thangs)
    Dr. Dre is the name
    I'm ahead of my game
    Still puffing my leafs
    Still fuck with the beats, still not loving police
    Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease
    Still got love for the streets, reppin' 213 (For life)
    Still the beats bang, still doing my thang
    Since I left ain't too much changed, still
    I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world
    (Still) Hitting them corners in them low-lows, girl
    Still taking my time to perfect the beat
    And I still got love for the streets, it's the D-R-E

  • bkn2 -

    I want to play in Hungarian

  • uiholeps -

    Hi, my username is uiholeps, and it seems someone hacked into my game and moved my units around! Game id: 6610081

  • jdhhhhhh -

    Please help, i cannot build the emote swarm uav anymore!

  • Bigtallnerd419 -

    Where u been?

  • WednesdayAddams -

    congrats with taking on germanico :)